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Simple, to-the-point advice to grow your blog and do awesome work in a way that makes sense to you


Hey, awesome achiever!

Are you tired of strategies that don't work for your business? Do you hate it when other 'experts' want you to conform to their formula of success? Do you wish that someone could help you bridge the gap between what works vs what works for you?.

Well, this space is just for you! I help entrepreneurs build an authentic online business that's meaningful, fun and doable.

Here are a few ways in which I help you achieve this:

  • Learn the best practices and how you can align them with your interests, strengths, beliefs, and values.
  • ‎Get more focused, professional and strategic with everything you do while still keeping it true to yourself.
  • Start doing the biz things - big and small - in a way that's fun and makes sense to you.
  • Develop a workflow that suits your personal productivity style.

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I'm Atiba, medical student, writer and polymath. I discovered the awesome world of blogging in 2014, spent a year lost in this wonderland, and then woke up to a harsh reality - I was making ZERO money!

That's when I decided to get super serious and strategic with my blog, but I never progressed much because I realized that most advice out there is either outdated or doesn't suit my personal style and situation.

So I did a lot of overthinking, some behind the scenes work, and a few crazy experiments until I found what I was looking for.

This website is the result of that messy but amazing process, and now I've made it my mission to help other bloggers find the delicate balance between using a proper strategy and doing it your way.